The Dental Kraft dental practice is run by Dr. Cvete Pavlovski, a proven and reputable dentist, who acquired his knowledge at the state university in Skopje. His extensive additional education, in Macedonia and abroad (America, Israel, Croatia, Serbia and many others) combined with experience gained in a number of reputable domestic and foreign dental practices, including the prestigious Dentistry Clinic Broadway Dental Houston – USA, enabled Dr. Pavlovski to acquire vast experience and knowledge, which he unselfishly applies in his daily work.

We are proud to mention that the Dental Kraft dental centre is a step beyond ordinary dental practices. We offer a wide range of services to our patients, starting with a free check-up, from the simplest dental treatments to the most complex dental procedures in the area of endodontics, dental prosthesis and surgery. The combination of dentistry and dental technology in one place is highly beneficial to patients, as it allows for close cooperation between the dentist and dental technicians, which is a prerequisite for producing high-quality dental prosthetics aids (crowns, bridges etc).

As well as a pleasant and modern environment, the Dental Kraft dental practice features advanced dental equipment that allows for the professional and painless execution of even the most complicated dental procedures. We use only high-quality bio-compatible materials from reputable global manufacturers, and we specialise, primarily in:
– general dentistry;
– endodontics;
– dental prosthesis; and
– surgery and dental implants.

Our business strategy is based on the principles of excellent service, high quality and affordable prices. In every aspect of our business, we do everything that is necessary for our associates and clients to be satisfied in every way. We guarantee every dental prosthesis construction with every implant.

If you have a dental problem for which you need a solution, call us and schedule a free check-up. Patients who are in pain receive medical attention as soon as possible. Contact number: (+389) 02/3113-001