Our professional approach, expert and experienced team, high-quality service, the best materials on the market and prices which are 70% lower than prices in the EU are only one the many reasons many patients, domestic and foreign choose us. Our refusal to compromise when it comes to quality is what makes us different from the rest.

The quality of our dental services is based on continuous investment in state-of-the-art equipment, the latest materials made by renowned and proven global manufacturers, perfecting and applying new knowledge and continuously keeping up with and implementing the latest standards by our team. We follow global trends and strive to raise the level of quality, speed and professionalism. This makes us feel secure and ready to offer our patients the best solution when it comes to their oral health at any time.

When it comes to dental technology, we would like to point out that every dental technician that is on the team of the Dental Kraft dental practice has many years of experience and has specialised in a certain type of product. In this way, we achieve the highest quality and maximum precision when making dental aids, which are made according to the wishes and needs of our patients. The materials we use to make prosthetic aids are biocompatible and have been tested for irritation, sensitivity, toxicity, chemo-compatibility and genotoxicity. In this way, we make sure our patients are certain they are getting high-quality dental products which meet their expectations in every way. We make the maximum effort and control every aspect of the production process. We may be the only ones in the region to put their final products through such strict control. The number of our employees is constantly growing, and besides investing in cutting- edge equipment and apparatus to solidify our advantage over the competition, we constantly invest in the latest education for our employees. For us, the patient always comes first, and unlike others, we let the facts and results do the talking.