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If you are missing one, two or more teeth, one of the best solutions is to have porcelain teeth. Porcelain teeth are characterised by their strength, excellent functionality, longevity and flawless appearance. To make them, we use exclusively certified high quality, bio-compatible materials that are in balance with the surrounding tissue. Porcelain teeth offer great quality at an affordable price, which makes them one of the most sold items in the world.

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Implants are a modern and efficient way to supplement missing teeth. They can be used to replace one or more teeth. The dental implants are implanted in the bone and replace the missing teeth, and enable further efficient placing of crowns, bridges and dentures. Implants are ideal if you do not have any teeth on which comfortable prosthetic aids can be placed. The implanting procedure is fast and painless, and the best way to bring the smile back to your face.

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Computer design and computerised production are the future of dental technology. We can offer that to you today! Teeth made of zirconia are characterised by their strength, exquisite aesthetics, transparency, longevity and much more. Zirconia is used to make metal-free crowns and bridges of bio-compatible material using a fully computerised CAD/CAM process. The result is perfect precision, flawless functionality and a completely natural appearance.

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Straumann Roxolid® implants are rightly known as among the best in the world. These are high- quality implants which offer high performance and excellent osseointegration. A defining feature is the fact that they are thin, incredibly strong and enable the successful treatment of patients who do not have enough space on the bone to place another implant. The material from which they are made is the product of modern science and gives better results than even pure titanium.