We offer the option of free delivery of any of our dental products in Macedonia and abroad. After they are finished, we make the delivery within 6 days domestically, and by DHL, TNT or FedEx, our products arrive at any destination in Europe within 24 hours. All orders are made with high priority which means that the process takes 3 to 8 working days depending on the severity of the case. We cooperate with dental practices and dental technology laboratories in EU member states according to previously made arrangements. If you wish to cooperate, feel free to contact us. We will visit you wherever you are located. After we make the arrangement and decide on the principles for cooperation, all you need to do is send us precise measurements or a scan file and a product order. The product with a guarantee will be delivered within the previously agreed deadline.

We currently cooperate with numerous already proven dental practices in Germany, Austria and Italy. The low cost of labour in our country allows us to offer top products at affordable prices, or in other words prices that are 70% lower than in the most advanced European countries. Our foreign clients often say that we offer then much better quality for much lower prices. That is our business strategy, and we plan on building our future cooperation with foreign partners on that basis.