We offer a simple, proven and safe way to get a high-quality product in accordance with your wishes and needs. We make fixed, removable and combined dental prosthetic aids, and offer solutions to your problem in the shortest time possible. The prices of out dental products are 70% lower than the prices of dental products in the EU. We work exclusively with the latest technology and use the best materials on the market, and our products are safe to use. Each dental product goes through final quality control, and each patient that has one of our dental products receives a guarantee.

We at Dental Kraft believe that the future of dental technology lies with modern computer technology. This is why we selflessly invest in this area and are especially proud of our ultra-modern CAD/CAM centre, which allows us maximum quality and absolute precision when making our prosthetic aids. Dental Kraft’s CAD/CAM centre is equipped in accordance with the highest global standards, so we can make perfect teeth in record time.

The procedure starts with the preparation of the teeth by your dentist. This includes drilling the exterior of the existing teeth in order to make sufficient space to place the ceramic teeth on top. But what about those with insufficient or no teeth at all? The solution is dental implants; they allow for further secure and safe reconstruction. The implant is a titanium screw, which the dentist embeds in the jaw bone, where they fuse quickly fuse together. It is important to know that dental implants are stronger and more durable than bridges or braces and are the best solution, because they structurally and functionally fuse with the bone.

 After that, your dentist makes an impression, which he sends to us, then we begin the procedure for making your teeth in our dental technology laboratory. It is necessary to know that to make high-quality teeth your dentist needs to fulfil two very important pre-requisites: to perform good preparations (preparation with a margin is desirable) and to get the best possible imprint.

We perform a scan of the imprint and enter the data that we obtain into the computer. Our computer techs mould your future teeth in a special 3D imaging program, and the computer calculates the necessary parameters quickly and precisely and makes sure the product is flawless down to the smallest detail. After that, we choose the material, and place it in another fully computerised machine where the automated production of your teeth continues. In only a few minutes our modern CAD/CAM system makes the teeth with incredible precision. The dental technicians in the department for ceramics in Dental Kraft make the final adjustments, match the colour, give the teeth a completely natural look and hand them over to quality control. Those which pass the quality test are sent to the dentist, who needs to implant the finished teeth.

It is good to know that the materials used to make the teeth in this way are characterised by high strength and high quality, and from an aesthetic point of view, they are genuine masterpieces. Teeth made in such a way guarantee incredible functionality, longevity and excellent performance in every regard for our patients. The entire procedure is very fast, on average taking 3 to 8 days. At the end, each patient that has one of our products implanted receives a 1-year guarantee. We guarantee our patients that in the case of an eventual problem which is not caused mechanically or violently, a free intervention will be performed and a completely new dental prosthetic will be implanted.