We are open to cooperation with all interested dental offices and dental technology laboratories, domestic and foreign. We offer fast and high-quality services. We offer free delivery of our products to our patients, regardless of the country of delivery. We deliver them promptly, within the agreed time. For clients in urgent need, we offer priority treatment for production and delivery.


Our products are made with quality and precision. We offer a wide range of fully finished dental products, which are works of art from proven and experienced dental technicians. Our CAD/CAM products are at the top of modern technology, but that is just a small part of our offer. Our departments for metal-free ceramic, metal ceramic, combined products and removable prosthesis make various products with proven quality. We work with verified and certified materials and guarantee each and every one of our products. In addition to the classic method of taking imprints, we make prosthetic aids based on scans supplied by an intra-oral scanner. In this way, we make our products with absolute precision and also take less time to make them.

If you need semi-finished dental products at affordable prices, please give us a call. Our Fraise centre can deliver precisely made crowns made from zirconia, titanium and e.max, or a finished plate for skeletal dentures. In this case, the laboratory performs the application and baking of the ceramic or implanting of the teeth. In this way, you have more time to focus on the purely artistic finishing part and your laboratories’ products can be finished works of art. We also offer computerised construction design (CAD Design) based on your scans, which we deliver by mail.